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Local SEO and Social Media - Getting Started with Your Local Business

This is a workshop that will be offered to members of Pioneer Valley Local First - (so if you want to do this, join the group!) If you've ever wanted to get your local business' web site more highly ranked under locally oriented searches, and utilize the new wave of social media to increase your local customer base, then this is the workshop for you.

Local Sustainability

At the root of the movement for a more just and sustainable way of life is a new way of thinking about the world. It's not just about buying lots of cool green stuff. It's about re-thinking how we live on the planet. We have learned...

• The earth is finite and that what we take from the earth is not for free.
• Nothing can really be thrown away. The idea of "waste" is a misconception.
• Human activity can degrade or regenerate the planet. What we do matters.

CISA is Hiring!!

CISA Job Opening -- Director of Development

The Director of Development will provide strategic direction and coordination for CISA's fundraising efforts, excluding grants. Drawing upon professional expertise in building long-term relationships with all stakeholders, the Director of Development will create strategies that increase support from major donors, community members, businesses and other sources. The Director plays a key role in identifying, cultivating and soliciting major gifts.

"Go, Kids Art, Go!"

Dear Pioneer Valley Local First members and community.

My son's day care center is co-sponsoring "Go, Kids Art, Go!" with the Leverett Crafts and Arts Center on April 9th. The event is a community-wide children's art program. Hundreds of people attended the event last year with radio and print advertising reaching a much wider audience.

Beloved Earth Day!!

Show your support for local and green businesses and the Planet!!

This is your opportunity to get your business represented in the first annual Beloved Earth Day! Taking place the day after Earth Day in Easthampton, this event is an opportunity for the community to come together and take in a day's worth of free curriculum and networking with individuals and local businesses who support sustainability.

Making Your Time Count on the Web: Online Investigations for Pioneer Valley Professionals

Dear Pioneer Valley Local First community,

Amherst-based Ututilis Consulting is kicking off a series of open, public classes this spring for Pioneer Valley Professionals whose fortunes ride on our effectiveness as web researchers.

Information may want to be free. Our cluttered calendars are clearly not. Contrary to "free information" the time in capturing it needs to be valued and optimized for the way local marketers, consultants and educators integrate online research into their project goals and organizations.